Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Arizona, 

Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization and PACFA Licensed with the CO. Dept. of Agriculture

 Successful Adoptions: 20 in 2014 **  64 in 2013 ** 1921 since October 2000

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2015 Rainbow Bridge Calendar



Angels don't always have wings,
sometimes they have fur and paws.
Angels don't always sing in a heavenly chorus,
sometimes they bark and howl.
Commemorate Your Great Dane in our 2015 Rainbow Bridge Calendar.
Submit Your Entries Now 

Flower Power


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Seniors Need Love Too!

Many times Rescues bring in dogs that are well past their prime. For one reason or another, they are no longer wanted and find themselves dumped at shelters or worse yet, wandering the streets. Yes, they may be nearing the end of the road but they deserve to spend their final days feeling safe and loved.

The senior dogs are often the last to be adopted. Their younger counterparts are snapped up while these good ‘ol boys (or gals) wait patiently for a forever home. Put yourself in their paws for a moment and think about what it was like in school to be the last one chosen for dodge ball. You knew that you deserved a chance to play but maybe were the last to be picked. It was devastating. Why not consider opening your home to a senior dog needing a final home before crossing the rainbow bridge?

Read more: Seniors Need Love Too!

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