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Listed below are the Great Danes we have placed this year.




Adopted 11/21/09

Sheba has gone home with Jason and Erica in Golden, Colorado! Erica was looking for a "Velcro Dane," and Sheba is it. The couple has no other pets, so Sheba will be the star of the show! They enjoy going for walks and hiking, and Sheba will spend very little time alone. We are confident this sweet girl is in excellent hands and will be spoiled rotten for all of her days!


Adopted 11/21/09

Greyla has gone home with Lindi in Craig, Colorado! Lindi is also approved to foster but couldn't go without a Dane! Her grandpa used to run his own rescue for Danes in Utah many years ago and she grew up around them. She has four children, so Greyla will have lots of company. She also has a Minpin and two cats. Lindi is available to begin fostering, as well, so Greyla won't be spending much time alone!


Adopted 11/25/09

Norm has gone home with John and Gina in Highlands Ranch, Colorado! The couple is very excited to get Norm -- he is the Dane they originally applied for. They currently have no other pets but a number of friends with dogs, so Norm will not be lonely often. In addition, John and Gina work from home three days a week, and they like to jog, camp and hike. Their best friends adopted Mia from the Rescue, and they plan to schedule play dates with her and Norm!


Adopted 11/25/09

Athena has gone home with Scott and Christina in Steamboat, Colorado! The couple has two cats and no other dogs, so Athena will be the star of the (canine) show! They recently lost their Collie and are looking forward to having another dog in the family. Christina works from home and has two children in school. They have already bought Athena a coat to be sure she doesn't get too cold in the snow up there!


Adopted 11/25/09

Nina has gone home with Christian in Centennial, Colorado! Christian and his family currently has a female dog and have had Danes in the past. They have already met Nina and know that we aren't sure what breed she is, but that doesn't seem to matter to them...they want her anyway! They have older children out of the house and they are also
home most of the time, so Nina will get lots of tender loving care.


Adopted 11/25/09

Zeus has gone home with Larissa in Fort Collins, Colorado! Larissa is currently a vet student at CSU and lives across the street from the campus. She plans to take Zeus to class and to work. She currently has no other pets, is studying to be a vet and a behaviorist, and is very active. She is also considering fostering once he settles in.


Adopted 11/25/09

Pandora has gone home with Dave and Terri in Las Vegas! This family's entire house is decorated in Dane stuff. They absolutely love the breed and Pandora will fit right in. Dave and Terri are Dane experienced and currently have two other Danes -- and 8-year-old
female and a 7-year-old male. They have no children and someone is home almost all the time. Pandora will be spoiled rotten!


Adopted 12/05/09

Clint (aka Mac) has gone home with Katie and Jessica in Denver! Clint is their first dog -- and their first Dane! -- and we believe he's the perfect match to ease them into the breed. Their other pets are guinea pigs, so Clint will have a distinct height advantage! Katie and Jessica describe themselves as "homebodies" who love to walk and go to parks, so Clint will have lots of opportunities to stretch his long legs.


Adopted 12/05/09

Kennedy has gone home with Stephanie in Cottonwood, Arizona! Stephanie currently has two cats and a Lab puppy. She also has three children, so Kennedy will have lots of socialization! The family is very active and enjoys camping in the spring and fall, as well as hiking on the weekends. We are confident that Kennedy will thrive in his new home!


Adopted 12/10/09

Loki has gone home with Bret and Lesley in Monument, Colorado! The couple currently has a Golden Retriever mix and, even though he is 11, he is still very active and will make a good companion for Loki. Bret and Lesley also have two kids, ages 7 and 13, and Lesley is a stay-at-home mom, so Loki (soon to be renamed Zot!) will not be left alone very often.


Adopted 12/10/09

Emmitt has gone home with Whitney and her family in Nebraska! The family lives on the Offutt Airforce Base. They met Emmitt several weeks ago at an event and just couldn't believe he was still available when they were finally approved! They currently have no other pets or children, so Emmitt with be the center of attention. They are also very active and they plan to volunteer for us in the future once Emmitt settles in.


Adopted 12/10/09

Echo has gone home with our very own Jen G! Jen and her boyfriend have another Dane (which they adopted from RMGDRI) and a mutt, so Echo will have lots of playmates. He has proven to be an excellent fit at their house, and they don't want to see him leave again! We are certain Echo is in the best possible hands.


Adopted 12/15/09

Shady (renamed Lily!) has gone home with Josh and Greta in Firestone, Colorado! Josh is a Vet Tech, so Shady will be in very good hands. Josh and Greta don't currently have any children and plan to make Lily their spoiled "first child." They have already made a trip to the pet store to stock up on goodies and treats for her. Lily will be the only dog in the home and will get to go to the dog park often. (She will have a few pet birds to keep her company when left at home, as well!). We are confident Lily is in very good hands.



Adopted 12/25/09

Sadie has gone home with Jennifer in Castle Rock, Colorado! Jennifer currently has a female Chihuahua who thinks she is a big dog and should become fast friends with Sadie. Jennifer is also home most of the time, has no children and walks every day. She also takes the Chihuahua -- and now Sadie! -- to the dog park several times a week. We are confident Sadie is in very good hands.


Adopted 12/25/09

Rowdy has gone home with Janie and her husband in Thornton, Colorado! The couple was fostering him and just couldn't bear to see him go. They also have another Rescue Dane, Chelsea, who will keep Rowdy company -- and busy! Janie and her husband both love the breed and are excited to welcome another big dog into their home.


Adopted 12/28/09

Sebastian has gone home with Susan and her family in Monument, Colorado! They currently have an 8-month-old Dane who needs a playmate, and they are very excited to have another Dane in the house. Susan is retired and is home most of the time, so Sebastian won't be left alone very often.


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