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Listed below are the Great Danes we have placed this year.




Adopted 10/09/09

Callie has gone home with Brian and Julie in Fort Collins, Colorado! The couple has adopted from the Rescue in the past, and since lost their Dane to medical issues. They are very familiar working with dog aggressive Danes and we are confident that Callie is in the right hands and will be very well taken care of.


Adopted 10/09/09

Remy has gone home with Anthony in Boulder, Colorado! Anthony has been fostering Remy and the more this sweet boy comes out of his shell, Anthony just can't let him go! Anthony doesn't currently have any other pets or children, and he's been taking Remy to the dog park regularly for socialization. We are certain a perfect match has been made!


Adopted 10/09/09

Jasmine has gone home with her foster family -- Jean and Mark! The couple feel she is the perfect fit for their home and Jasmine is now completely comfortable there. They plan to continue to foster, so she will be very well socialized!



Adopted 10/09/09

Jazzmyn has gone home with Dale in Denver! Dale currently has no other pets but wants to get another Dane soon once Jas settles in. He works a regular schedule but takes a two-hour lunch each day and plans to exercise Jas then. He has no kids but his sister lives nearby and visits frequently with the kids. Dale plans to crate Jas until she is trustworthy with free roam and is settled in. We are confident she will be in very good hands!


Adopted 10/15/09

Chaucer has gone home with Patti and Larry in Centennial, Colorado! The couple currently has two cats and no children, so we are confident this will be an ideal environment for Chaucer. They will crate him if needed but since there isn't anyone around to challenge him, he won't have to be crated often. Patti and Larry are also a very active couple and will take Chaucer on walks, hikes, camping trips -- and more!


Adopted 10/15/09

Oreo has gone home with Dane and Diane in Greeley, Colorado! The couple volunteer for the Rescue and had a short stint of fostering. They adopted Guiness from us about 9 months ago. Oreo will be a great fit for their household and, with a new baby on the way, they will certainly have a complete family!


Adopted 10/15/09

Kea has gone home with Donna in Elizabeth, Colorado! Donna has had two Danes in the past and recently had to put the last one down due to cancer. She currently has a 9-year-old golden mix who needs a buddy to play with. She lives on 2.5 acres and she works from home a lot, so Kea will have plenty of company for the rest of her days!


Adopted 10/21/09

Chopper has gone home with Meg and Joel in Denver, Colorado! Meg is a very active volunteer with the Rescue and recently lost her Dane. The couple has no children and has an older female Dane, so Chopper with have lots of attention and plenty of company! We're looking forward to seeing him at upcoming events.


Adopted 10/21/09

Morgan has gone home with Blake and Cindy in Fort Collins, Colorado! Cindy was Morgan's foster mom and simply couldn't bear to part with her. The couple has two children and a 9.5-year-old male Dane, so Morgan will have lots of company and plenty of socialization! We are confident she is in very good hands.


Adopted 10/30/09

Ebony has gone home with Nancy in Elkhorn, Nebraska! Nancy currently has two small Terriers and two cats. She met Ebony at an event and fell in love with her instantly! Nancy has no children at home but her grandchildren visit frequently. She is very excited to take Ebony on lots of walks!


Adopted 10/30/09

Whisper has gone home with Kelly and Andy Belleview, Nebraska! The couple currently has a 3-year-old male Dane and are very Dane experienced. They also have a 4- year-old child, so Whisper will be very well socialized -- and played with! Kelly is a teacher and has summers off, and Andy is able to come home at lunch to let the dogs out for a quick romp. The family is looking forward to hiking, going to the dog park and spending lots of time outside with the dogs.


Adopted 10/30/09

Brooke has gone home with Tracey and Phil in Omaha! The couple currently has a 9-year-old Boxer, so Brooke will have a partner in crime. They also have two young children and Tracey is a stay-at-home mom, so someone will be home with Brooke most of the time. They are looking forward to lots of trips to the park and walks with the kids!


Adopted 10/30/09

George has gone home with June, who has been fostering George. She just couldn't bear to let this sweet boy go! June plans to continue fostering, so George will have plenty of socialization -- and company -- for years to come!


Adopted 10/30/09

Mekenzi has gone home with Aubra and her family in Boulder! The family currently has a Border Collie mix and a cat. They don't have any children yet, but plan to start a family soon, so Mekenzi will have lots of company. In addition, someone is usually able to come home at lunch to let the dogs out and walk them. They are looking forward to lots of trips to the dog park and many hikes!

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